Internet of Things

Innovate your business with CGI's IoT Explorer Kit

Internet of Things can seem intimidating at first glance. Where to begin? How? What about hardware and software? What to do with all that IoT data? And most importantly: Does IoT fit my strategy - and will it add real value to my business?

CGI's IoT Explorer concept gets you started with IoT, easily and in a way that makes sense. So you can innovate and transform your business. We cover all your bases with everything you need for a successful IoT strategy:

  • IoT inspiration with real use cases
  • Expert business advisory
  • Evaluation of IoT and Big Data opportunities
  • Roadmap for your IoT journey
  • Organizational alignment and a shared IoT vision
  • Preconfigured IoT hardware package
  • Cloud solution with cool dashboard visualizations

Jumpstart your IoT journey

Find out more in the IoT Explorer brochure and jumpstart your IoT journey with CGI.

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