IoT Week 2019

At CGI, we have dedicated IoT teams collaboration between local and global offices together with domain experts in our core segments: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Public and Finance. You can meet some of our Danish IoT specialists at booth no 37 + 38.

Al little more about our take on IoT, what we can do for you and in which areas...

Digital Transformation is a journey that can redeem untapped potential in most companies. We can help you enabling the transformation of processes and products to be data driven and intelligent with experienced consulting and solutions for enterprises.

IoT Strategy
Our Internet of things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0) offerings focus on Digital transformation in alignment to Business strategy. Our concepts on a strategic level covers Ideation with “innovation Lab”, business model transformation with “Digital day” and a more hands-on IoT / IIoT implementation strategy with “Digital Business case & solution design”.

Connectivity and Edge
For SmartProducts we implement IoT solution in collaboration with local and global Tele providers and embedded hardware builder taking the lead ensuring the sensors, edge technology and communication protocols and provider support the business requirements. Our advanced analytical models can be deployed from cloud operation to edge for speed or cost optimization.

For Industry 4.0 projects we have a team working on the shop floor configuring PLC’s on production line and harvesting machine data for cloud or edge processing. 

Our team of Cloud architects, data engineers and data scientist help designing the optimal solution and build the data model and apply advanced analytical or Artificial Intelligence models for processing IoT or IIoT data.

Business enabling
Making value from IoT data goes way beyond adding extra features or simple information to users. A real transformation of business strategy, business models, position in the value chain and new services is required to redeem the untapped business potential by become truly data driven. We implement the IoT strategy and business requirements by integrating and automating processes and products using an agile RoadMap planning. 

Our User Experience experts design graphical interfaces for mobile apps, web platforms, applications and Business Intelligence tools. The design process is inspired by Design thinking in collaboration the end users and our skilled team of software developers. 

Daily operation & DevOps
We offer to monitor and update solutions acting as hosting provider operating most common cloud solution ex. Azure, AWS, SAP etc. but also traditional on premise solution.

Find out more about your options with IoT and CGI. Visit and stop by our exhibition booth at IoT Week. It is no 37 + 38.

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