Will Artificial Intelligence resolve your cybersecurity problems?

The rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has created a huge potential for the cybersecurity industry to take a leap to the next level of threat detection at an unparalleled level of productivity. Security vendors are racing each other to develop and bring to market new and effective ways of detecting malicious behavior in the network, computers, and services, as well as anomalous behaviors of users. Cloud-based analysis of the cybersecurity big data ecosystem creates enormous potential as constraints to storage and computing capacity become less impacting.

Looking at all the buzz around emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, one could think that technology will resolve all cybersecurity problems. In reality, technology alone cannot make a difference in cybersecurity. To defend against existing and emerging cybersecurity threats as we engage the opportunities laid out before us, organizations need a seamless combination of intelligent technologies, threat intelligence, and the intelligence of brilliant minds of highly-skilled cybersecurity professionals – “True Intelligence”. It brings together evolving technological capabilities, proven and tested processes, threat intelligence, and skilled, engaged people with the sole intention of bringing control to your digital business.

With this in mind, imagine how True Intelligence could change the way you manage cybersecurity in your organization. What if you could combine artificial intelligence with up-to-date and relevant insight of emerging threats and realtime monitoring.  And if you could further enhance that image through video analytics in CCTV systems, strong identities of both people and things with clear situational awareness and continuous monitoring of intelligent sensor systems that constantly learns and adapts to the ever-changing environment. Then imagine rapidly acting on each malicious event, be it in cyberspace or in the physical domain, by the use of seasoned incident responders and automation in concert, whilst remaining in total control of your business.

All of this is possible today and we can bring it to you.

CGI can help you adopt True Intelligence in your organization and gain control of cybersecurity. The human factor is embedded in all our cybersecurity services but “on steroids”, as we enable them with future-proof technology. We do this by combining our 40-year heritage of working in the most demanding IT environments across the globe with our best practices and the latest technologies, while constantly maintaining a clear objective of helping our clients succeed. 

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